A comma is a genus of butterfly noted for its irregularly perforated wings. A colon is a section of the digestive tract. C&C is an online literary magazine.

We are looking for submissions for our next issue Things That Are True. For this issue we are only interested in creative non-fiction and essays. If you are hoping to submit fiction or poetry please wait until our next issue. 

By submitting your writing you pledge that the work you have sent to us is your own and you give us permission to publish it. We do not pay our contributors and you keep the copyright to your work. We prefer writing that is not being submitted elsewhere.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

SMALL LIT MAG seeking beautiful illustrations, photographs and videos to fall in love with words.

We are seeking illustrations to accompany our written pieces. If you are an illustration then please ask your owner very nicely if you can come and meet us. 

Please send no more than six samples of your work to us.

We would prefer to be directed to a portfolio website.

All submissions are greatly appreciated. 

We're looking for spoken and performance pieces. Whether it's you reciting your poems or a short film you've produced, we want to hear it and we want to see it. 

We're currently only accepting these as URLS but please get in touch if you would like to send the audio file or video to us. We're looking for anything creative that's in video or audio format, so get in touch if this is your thing. 

This is for a future issue.

Commas and Colons